Info for openCPU for EC200U


While going through the openCPU features I came across few queries which are as follows:

  1. Status LEd with openCPU does not glow by default on PwrKey On. How to control it programmatically? Can it be by default work in teh same way as it works with AT Command firmware?

  2. In audio_demo.c, external codec read is failing everytime. I have connected and tried both the Audio codec module in EVB kit. but still I’m getting Read failed. [ql_audio][ql_switch_ext_codec, 849] read codec failed

  3. Is there any way to test analog audio output on EVB kit? I can see that all the audio output/input are interfaced to the Audio codec and non are connected to analog audio output/input.

Thanks and regards


Hi Abhishek

1.You can configure the initialization status of pins in ql_pin_cfg.c. The file path is components\ql-application\peripheral\ql_pin_cfg.c. For details, see the following figure.
2.You need do some hardware changes to test when use the external codec. Please refer to the attachment for details.
3.When use audio_demo.c to play audio,you can connect the speaker as shown below image.