IMEI AT commands question

How many times I can change IMEI without harm to device via AT command? For example if I will change IMEI 3 times a day (sometimes) and 7 times (most commonly) a week (1 per day) via AT command won’t it harm device?

I need extra lawyer of security as I will go to dictatorship country for 1 week as reporter n. This is extremely critical.

Please ask the highest level of your engineer team.

P.S: I am using Mudi v2 with blue-merle

hello, sorry for late reply.
Actually, we do not recommend customer to change the IMEI number of the module, because this is likely to cause the module cannot register the network, If you have other technical questions about the module side, please leave your module type or current firmware version, we will loop the dedicated moderator to support, other questions about the device , we recommend you can contact the device vendor instead for better support, because device integrates many complex parts, many thanks~