IDE for BG95 + QuecOpen


I am wondering if there is any updates regarding an IDE for BG95 + threadX + QuecOpen.

Someone mentioned PlatformIO.

Do any one know if there are any doc. available?

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

@WizIO may know more about this

something like that

Hello Georgi,

YES that is exactly what i need - i use C.

Maybe you have some information on how to set up PlatformIO ?

From your video it seems that you can load the compiled app to the target (BG95M3/M2 in my case) - that utility/script would be very helpful - right now i am using QFST to upload to EFS/FLASH - it’s very time consuming.

Thank you in advance :slight_smile:

unfortunately, I froze the project - Quectel does not support such projects…

the upload script is here ( BG96 / BG95 / BG77 )

Very sorry to hear that - it could have been much easier to start dev. with quecopen if an ide was available.
Anyway thank you for the informations regarding