I2C interface on LC29H

Hello, I am new to using the GNSS module family from Quectel. Ive been given a custom board to verify the I2C interfacing between our IoT processor and the GNSS module. Is there any sample Arduino (or Wiring) code that I can use to quickly evaluate the reading of NMEA data? If there is a Github repo from Quectel, I’d be interested in that, as well. The datasheet I have has some vague code samples. Many thanks for any suggestions.

Dear Sir,
Now I only have LC29H I2C Application Note for your reference.
Quectel_L89 R2.0&LC29H&LC79H_I2C_Application_Note_V1.0.0_Preliminary_20220125.pdf (268.4 KB)

Thank you Berton. This is the document i currently have. It references a “Quectel GNSS SDK Commands” manual which i also was able to find. Is there a Quectel GNSS SDK that is downloadable from somewhere? Thanks again.

Dear Sir,
For LC29H series, no SDK availiable.