I2C communication probelm on Quectel SC66 platform

We are integrating VG5761 sensor with Quectel SC66 board, we observed sensor power up and read id failed. During integration we faced I2c communication problem
We simulated with our internal hardware team, hardware team probed and checked the I2C lines and observed 0V instead of 1.8V.
As per schematics for I2C power supply is driving through LDO11A_1P8 pin. This pin probed, During boot 1.8V was observed and after boot LDO11A_1P8 pin was driving 0V.
Remaining LDO pins probed and verified, those are fine. board is booting properly so we can able to connect the target with adb and able to check the dmesg logs.
VG5761 camera sensor integrating with below SC66 pins
Please help us if you have any solution for this I2C communication problem.

Dmesg log
[ 16.581261] msm_sensor_match_id: vg5761: read id failed
[ 16.750762] msm_sensor_match_id: vg5761: read id failed
[ 16.920152] msm_sensor_match_id: vg5761: read id failed
[ 16.970894] vg5761 power up failed

Hi Sharief:
Integrating sensors on the sc66 platform only be done by our company,unless you have the sourcecode of adsp.
Could you tell me that your company name and region?thx.