I2C and Uart in SC600T

I am working on SC600T Board , In our application we have one accelerometer sensor
which is connected on I2C bus , one STM32 MCU which will be connected to SC600T Board through UART Interface

I have following queries

  1. How many I2C and UART Buses are available in SC600T board?
  2. can i use all the I2C or UART at the same time or they are multiplexed ?
  3. Which I2C and UART buses are enabled by default in kernel

for uart and i2c, you can refer to out hardware design.
you need connect accelerometer sensor to SENSOR I2C.
how many i2c and uart you want?

Thank you for quick reply,

We need one I2C bus and one UART in our application ,Which I2C and UART buses are enabled by default in kernel?

SC600Y/SC600T provides five groups of I2C interfaces.

for accelerometer sensor, you need connect it to SENSOR_I2C

this is for UART