I want to upload a file to BG96

I don’t know how to upload a file to BG96.

We are currently testing with Arduino+Arduino NB-IoT shield+quectelBG96 configuration.

Arduino NB-IoT shield is from the following URL.
The third photo from the top is the overall composition photo.

I want to access AWS Iot with this configuration and send data.

To send data to AWS, you need to set up a certificate.
Therefore, in BG96, I think that the path of the certificate file is specified by the AT command as follows.


I think you need to upload the certificate file to UFS before you can specify the path.
I think I will upload using the AT+QFUPL command.

However, uploads did not work well in the current configuration.
How do I upload a certificate to UFS in my current Arduino+Arduino NB-IoT shield+quectelBG96 configuration?

yes you can upload file via AT+QFUPL ,

another way , you can upload via QPST – eFS explorer tools (from qualcomm0 via file system , copy your certificate to UFS directly

pls kindly down load QPST tools from the below link:


hi, I have met the same problem. I have used AT+QFUPL but no luck, please help