I wanna ask about A-GNSS

How can I change GNSS Mode to A-GNSS Mode on L86. I don’t know how to turn on and use A-GNSS Mode.

Dear Sir,
AGNSS is used to speed up TTFF (Time To First Fix). on L86, AGNSS has host EPO and Flash EPO two types.
Please refer to doc:
Quectel_Lx6&Lx0&LC86L&LG77L_AGNSS_Application_Note_V1.1.pdf (895.8 KB)

How to apply for AGNSS account: send email to Local FAE with company name, module type and region.

1.The strategy for downloading EPO file to my GNSS module is quite complicated.
So this is my process, please confirm
step1: download epo file from computer and update for GPS module via UART
step2 : when EPO file expire I have to re-download epo file (recur step 1) ? Or GPS is automatically update EPO file ?

  1. When I update EPO file using Powergps, I got this error " RECEIVER AGENT NO RESPONSE, PROCESS TERMINATED"? There are no COM is openning, I downloaded EPO file before

Dear Sir,
1, if you’re using PowerGPS to download EPO files, in your step2, you have to check if EPO expired by your host module. GNSS module cannot identify validity of EPO files.
2, Can your PC identify your device? If you’re using L86 EVB, please re-install EVB driver:

GNSS_EVB_Micro-USB_Driver_CP210x.zip (3.5 MB)

Thanks for your help !