I need help with my ec21a modem pool none of the drivers are working

In this case, in my experience, it could be caused by the sim card . Have you tried switching to another SIM card? Is the antenna not connected?

I can send you a tool to catch the log, but I can’t help you analyze the modem log in the forum. Therefore, it may still be necessary to submit case to Quectel.

I’ve tried 5 different sim cards.

I’ve tried two different manufacturers of SIM cards.
Both with same results.

Antenna is connected.

Yes please. The tool would be most helpful.
Ok. I understand it may be necessary to submit case to Quectel.

On Windows,you can use the QWinLog to cache the modem log.
I will send it by message.
Steps are:

  1. Open and run QWinLog, select DM Port, please refer to the attachment I provided for details;
  2. AT+CFUN=0
  3. AT+CFUN=1
  4. wait for 3 minutes.
  5. Run AT+CFUN=0 and AT+CFUN=1 again
  6. Wait for 3 minutes.
  7. Close the QWinLog

Thank you sir.

DM port?
What is that?

I will update

If it is an individual SIM card, the SIM card may be bound to the IMEI of other devices.

Please create a ticket to the Quectel.
An engineer is automatically assigned to check the log for you.

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