I need a firmware for "LC79D" and a setup program for PC

I recently purchased a gnss product called ‘Mikroe GNSS 8 Click’ from Mouser. The module uses your company’s ‘LC79D’.
So, you need a program that allows you to freely configure settings on your PC, and you also need the latest firmware.
If the performance of ‘LC79D’ is good, I’m thinking of purchasing ‘LG69T EVB’, another Quectel product, so I need a ‘LG69T EVB’ product guide.

Hi baegas,

In order to provide you the firmware, we need to know the detailed type of your LC79D module. Please provide us your current firmware version:

Version query command for LC79DA: $PQVERNO*41

Version query command for LC79DC: $PQTMVERNO*58

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PC tools:

  1. QCOM is the Quectel serial tool through which you can receive the output from the module and send commands to it.
  2. QGNSS is Quectel GNSS visualization and evaluation tool, where settings can be changed through commands as well. (Inside the folder GNSSFlashTool can be used for LC79D firmware upgrade).

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Preliminary EVB user guides for LG69T are provided via private message to you, please check.

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Hello meiji
Since the product will arrive next Monday, I don’t know the current firmware version yet. I wrote on the forum to get the latest version in advance.
I’ll let you know the firmware version when it arrives next week
thank you very much for the reply
Have a nice day

It is difficult to find the firmware using " $PQVERNO*41"
I want to omit the query command and immediately update to the latest firmware using the qgnss program
LC79DA latest firmware please

Firmware sent to you via private message, please check.

Best regards

thank you for the reply