I cannot send photos from UC200T and BG96 to the server

Have a nice day. I work in Enelsis company. Our project is an R&D and the name is not known. I am working WiFi down security system. I have BG96 and UC200T modules for this. I can send data to the server, but I cannot send a picture. I want to send a photo buffer, not a photo file. I will send a photo buffer taken from the camera, It can’t break a JPG. There will be hundreds of photo buffers that I will be streaming live on. Still need to use file FTP commands? I want to know if there is a method for this. I don’t have an EVB kit. I wish you good work

for Bg 96 module ,Itis a narrow solution, i attached the data rate in different RAT


if your scenario is streaming live , i concern that the rate of BG96 is not enough
,( at least 25 frame/s)

if you have to use bg96 , the http protocol is recommended ,

FTP & Mqtt is not recommended .

I am using UC200T module. Why are FTP and Mqtt not recommended?

Do you have a module in UC200T that you can recommend for this procedure? Or a better module that you can recommend even if it works?

Section 3.3 of the UC200T Series TCP / IP Application Note Datasheet. TCP Client Runs in Transparent Access Mode 3.3.1. I tried it as the example in Establish TCP Client Connection and Enter Transparent Access Mode. I can send the photo buffer to the server several times. But time system crashes. If it doesn’t crash, I connect to a structure called “.net”, not a web socket, and I can’t see if I got it right. Is there a GSM module you can recommend? When you say this makes your job much easier? And am I able to establish a web socket connection? What protocol should I use if I can install it?