I am new to open CPU concept

I am new to open CPU concept.I mostly work on 32 bit controller and 8 bit controller.
So i have to work on multiple things
Data to send throught http SIM network
Get location through GPS and also using bluetooth
I working on MC20 module.Please provide some tutorial or pdf which help me alot.
I found out it is working on RTOS concept not like 32 bit controller.
Here i have to create task. I have not much about RTOS thing so please help me out
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dear Pranav_Kumar

What is the specific model of the module you use?

Do you want to use OPEN mode or standard mode? If you are in OPEN mode, you already have an SDK?

what this Difference between standard mode and Open mode?
I use opencpu module mc60 and I want the current consumption to be low and to be able to receive data consecutively from the external i2c and I don’t need gsm and gps and I turned off these two parts but the current consumption is 13 milliamps and I want it to be less
What should I do?

To receive data from i2c, I have a separate task from main and I want to read data from i2c constantly
But the problem I have is that mc60 is constantly reset.

my task is

void proc_mpuHandler (s32 taskId){


Ql_IIC_Write_Read();// use this function for reading i2c and it is ok if i used Ql_Sleep or Ql_OS_GetMessage



but i dont want to use Ql_sleep or Ql_OS_GetMessage and i want the task work constantly

The module has a sleep mode, which you can find in example_system.c, a routine that goes into sleep mode, which minimizes power consumption, but at the cost of being unable to handle other business. Of course, you can wake it up by interrupting, for example, you can change the level of the RI pin.

You have to deal with the business logic, when to sleep, when to wake up, when to use the iic, it’s all a set of processes that are done, and you have to deal with them so that they don’t conflict.

In addition, I suggest that you do not use the while(1) method to write your code, you directly fill in the main function of our main task, because our code is running at the bottom of the operating system, you use while(1) will affect a lot of other basic functions, you are afraid that other tasks will affect power consumption, but in fact, they do not take much power consumption.

i put my code in main task but the module reset.

void proc_main_task(s32 taskId)
//read iic data

if i use Ql_OS_GetMessage so i have to message to main task with timer or other task but i dont want use them
i want work constantly

Write a timer, based on Ql_OS_GetMessage logic. Whenever the timer is triggered, set the flag bit. Check the flag bit in the main task, and if there is one, perform the read iic operation to check if your code causes a restart.

You need to make sure that your code is working properly before you can use the rtos framework to do your work.

It’s a learning process. Come on!