HTTPS communication along with MQTT

Hi ,
I am using EG25 module
Let me know possibility to have MQTT and HTTPS communication simultaneously i.e.
if already module is connected to MQTT broker and subscribed to any topic and at also want to do the HTTPS communication ( GET / POST / PUT etc ) on another server without disturbing the existing MQTT connection.

If this is possible then let us know how to do this ? Which setting / configuration is required while setting up the MQTT or HTTPS communication .

At command logs will be helpful

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Hi @lyman-Q

Could you please reply on this ?
It will be helpful if you can provide working AT command logs for simultaneous MQTT + HTTPS communication.

Hi @gaurav.patni
Yes, this is possible, the only setting to watch out for is SSL. Please use different SSL codes and configure the SSL settings required by the MQTTS server and HTTPS server respectively.

Hi @lyman-Q

Thanks for your reply

Could you please elaborate what do you mean by "different SSL codes "? AT command reference will be helpful

Hi @gaurav.patni
You can use the AT+QSSLCFG command to configure two-way SSL, and then use the above command to configure the SSL settings required by the MQTTS and HTTPS servers. Otherwise, configuring the same SSLctxID may cause an error on a server due to incorrect SSL configuration.