How to write and extract from EEPROM in M66

I am using M66 for a project which requires to store at most 5 Contact numbers in the EEPROM.
The Contacts should not get erased after restarting the Module if power is lost. (Battery backup is not an option as power shortage timing can’t be assured)

I tried using the OpenCPU functions :
1)s32 Ql_SecureData_Store(u8 index , u8* pData, u32 len)

2)s32 Ql_SecureData_Read(u8 index, u8* pBuffer, u32 len)

Although, it seems that data written using these functions is possible to retrieve only if module is not shut down after writing into secure memory.
Once the module is shut down, when next time it’s powered up, all data written in secure memory is lost.
I also referred to documentation but of no use.
Can anyone help me how to go ahead in this case?

I want to store the contacts and retrieve even after module is shut down and started again.

Thank you.

I want to confirm with you that you want to store the phone number in the EEPROM?
If you use the standard AT scheme,I think you can do like this:

  1. excute AT+CPBS=“ME”
  2. Execute command like the one in the following example to write a phone number:
    You can use AT+CPBR=10 to read current phonebook entries.
  3. Execute AT+CPBS=“ME” again after the module is restarted.
    If there is any other requirement, please let me know. Thank you.