How to use UART2(for debugging and log ) of BG96

Could you share with me the use case of UART2 of BG96?
Can UART2 be used in the same way as UART1?

Is the functional use decided such as for GNSS data output of UART3?

And could you give me some advice on how to check UART2?
For example, do they write something to the RXD to monitor the data output from the TXD, or connect the TXD to the RXD and run a loopback test?

For UART2 debug function , it is used for output debug log for open solution( API),if you use AT cmd , pls ignore it

For UART2 log function ,it is used for output SBL log ( boot log), by default , it is be disable , we can open it in case of check the boot process

for UART3 , it is be defined to output NEMA data only