How to use TCP reconnect?

I am communicating in transparent access mode and I am trying to reconnect automatically when the TCP connection is disconnected by using the above command.

AT+QICFG=“tcp/accept”,1 sent AT command and got an OK reply.

Even after activating the related command, the connection status related to reconnection is not visible, but there seems to be a problem in writing the command.

In addition to the above command, is there a way to automatically reconnect when the TCP connection is disconnected from the TCP server side or the EC25 side?

Thanks for the quick reply!

Hello, thanks for your question
AT + QICFG = “tcp / accept” is to enable or disable automatic reception of TCP connections from clients.
We do not have an AT command for TCP reconnection directly. If you need to reconnect automatically, you can program this function on the AP side, thank you.

Thank you!, I have one more question. It takes too long to connect to the network with the CREG command. Is there a way to disconnect the existing network or connect faster?

Hello, thanks for your feedback
CREG judges the registration status of the network. Regarding what you said you want a faster connection speed, because we don’t know your business environment and the operator’s network status, we can’t give you a specific method, thank you.