How to use examples?

Hi. I am dummy at gsm modules. Couldn’t use examples. Examples says that;

  • Compile & Run:
  • Set "C_PREDEF=-D __EXAMPLE_ADC__" in gcc_makefile file. And compile the 
  • app using "make clean/new".
  • Download image bin to module to run.

Looked up makefile but there is nothing to change with C_PREDEF=-D EXAMPLE_ADC.

Readme.txt says that;

If you want to comiple other example, you need to change the right value of variable “C_PREDEF” in \SDK\make\gcc\gcc_makefile. But in make folder there is no gcc_makefile. There is GFG_Generator.exe, header.dat, make.exe

When i change the Release\makefile to add C_PREDEF=-D EXAMPLE_ADC it clears when i make all. How can i exceed this problem and run examples?

Thanks already.