How to use E-SIM with EC21?

Seeing its possible with complicated AT commands. Quactel, could you please give me a quick rundown of these commands and how exactly it would work.

So, based off what I read: Enable Auto-Bip with AT commands which I dont know of. Then you go to carrier website, go purchase it and put the IMEI of the exact port you want to use. and then your good to go?

Now there is a discrepency, you have to download the sim profile or something. How exactly do I do that aswell?

P.S using SMS Caster

The AT manual of QCFG has instructions on BIP function configuration and how to use them. If you need this manual, please send me your email and I will send it to you.

Dear Mr, Pls send me document or App note for AT command with eSIM, many thanks.
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Dear @lyman-Q , can I ask you to send the EC21 eSIM manual to ? Thank you!