How to use CP2102 serial cable for UART communication


I have a problem about UART communication with BG96 LTE Open EVB Kit.

How can I use CP2102 serial cable for UART communication with BG96 LTE Open EVB Kit?

I’m trying to connect DragonBoard 410c(Windows 10 IoT Core version 17763) and BG96 LTE Open EVB Kit with CP2102 USB to UART module cable.
And Turn on LTE Open EVB Kit, press the PWRKEY button.
Then, POWER LED(Red) and STATUS LED(Green) are indicate always high,
and NET_STA LED(Blue) indicates Flicker quickly (Data transfer is ongoing) and Flicker slowly (Idle).

Now I transmit "AT"command, but no echo on console and no response from LTE Open EVB Kit.
I tried to send "AT"command from Windows 10 PC, no response too.
Any AT command cannot be accepted.

Serial Setting is:
Baud rate: 115200bps
Data: Bits: 8bit
Parity: none
Stop bits: 1bit
Flow Control: none

Thanks in Advance.

Hi Enoppi_Iot,

  1. For CP2102 serial cable , cause it is a UART to UBS cable , in UART side , it is a standard UART , in USB side , The convert chip driver depend on the production company of CP2102, I think you can search with internet ,
  2. The serial port parameter listed by you is right , but with BG96 evb , only UART1 can send AT cmd directly , I attached one pic as below . if you have more detail ,pls sent mail to thanks