How to upload a program to BC660K-GL module from Mac based system

Please share a tool to upload programs from Mac based systems.

There is no tool available for Mac and Linux, please upgrade using Qflash on WINDOWS system

Ok In that case can you please share a document/video outlining procedure to upload a C or python code to BC660 module using QuecOpen SDK and QFlash Tool.

I have sent you the latest SDK package by email, which contains the relevant compilation method documentation

I am currently using the EVB kit for BC660.

  1. Does this board support I2C interfacing in OpenCPU ? Where are the pins/slots for the connections ?
  2. Does this board support both the ADCs interfacing in OpenCPU ? Where are the pins/slots for the connections ?

Kindly guide.

EVB is not supported. For details, see the module description and interface usage

I am trying to upload the code to BC660 EVB using QFlash but I am getting some error. I am following the same steps suggested in the user manual. Like pressing boot button then reset button and then start button, but still it is not working. Kindly help

Please help on this. The flashing process seems to be very random. Sometime it flashes with same steps sometimes it does not. Kindly help.

Aditya Mishra

I am trying to use the GPIO2 on the BC660 GL EVB by soldering some headers on J105. Without running any code the GPIO 2 is at reads 1.39

V. I have 2 such EVB boards and the problem is same. Is there something else we need to do in order to use the pins in J105