How to Update M66 RTC to network time?

I want to use network time for working of the application.
I am currently using M66 TE-A with GSM- EVB .
(Firmware = M66FAR02A07BT + SDK =M66_OpenCPU_GS3_SDK_V2.4_Eclipse)

I got only 2 functions from User Manual of Quectel M66 about RTC - Ql_SetLocalTime() and Ql_GetLocalTime.

But these 2 functions don’t provide network time synchronization .

So I tried sending following AT commands which are included in Quectel AT commands manual:
1)AT+QNITZ=1 (Network Time Synchronization)
2)AT+CTZU=1 (Network Time Synchronization and Update the RTC Time)

usage —>Ql_RIL_SendATCmd(strAT, Ql_strlen(strAT), Default_atRsp_callback1,
&nStat, 0);

After successful execution of these commands(return response of command execution), I tried to fetch current module time but it failed and gave default time as follows :

Local time successfully determined: 1.1.2004 0:0:0 time zone=22

Above mentioned time stamp is by-default whenever I try to get the Module time after starting.

Now, I want to sync. the network time to RTC on the module for the application.

How to get the network time synced with the RTC ?

Thank you.

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Synchronizing time in this way(AT+QNITZ=1&AT+CTZU=1) needs support of local GSM network.You need to make sure that the network you are using is supported it.
If the network is not supported, you can also choose to synchronize the time through the NTP server,Please refer to the following instructions:

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