How to update IMEI in M2M portal? - vodafone - BC95-G

Hello, I have a NB-IoT SIM card from vodafone, and a couple of different BC95-G devices. I’ve put the SIM card in one of the BC95-G modules and run a program (which runs succesfully). On the vodafone M2M portal when I look at the page for the SIM card, I can see the IMEI (last detected) of the BC95-G module that it is inserted in. See image.
When I put the SIM card in a different BC95-G, I would expect the IMEI to be updated in the M2M portal (since every modem has a unique IMEI). However that isn’t happening, the IMEI that is indicated belongs to the first modem that I put the SIM card in.

Would anyone know how to make sure this IMEI is continuously updated? Is that done via a command from the modem? (e.g. via PDP context or something?) Or should I contact vodafone about that? Many thanks!

You can query the IMEI by using the following AT Command:


As for the IMEI not updated on the Vodafone M2M platform after you changed the device, I don’t think it should have happened!
First of all, I think you need to ask whether the platform has a fixed update time after the device is registered, or whether the previous device has a lifetime between the registration and the platform.

Secondly, I think you can delete the early registered device and re-register your new device to see if there is any abnormality on the platform and whether the new device can be registered on the platform normally.

Hi @herbert.pan-Q, thank you for your response. Could you clarify what you mean with this statement? Who should I ask this? Vodafone?

yes, The vodafone M2M portal or the website related technical instructions!