How to update EPO files on L76B


I ordered a PICO-GPS-L76B from Waveshare and I attached it to a Raspberry pico.
The test code runs and it prints out the different coordinates, however the coordinates are completely off (especially the google one).

I assume this is due to the outdated EPO files. Can you provide me with a link to download the EPO files.

Dear Sir,
EPO, assistance data in AGNSS feature, is used to speed up TTFF. It’s not related to positioning accuracy.
If your location drift largely, please make sure you’re in clear sky without too much covers, such as indoor.
If you need to download EPO files, you could use PowerGPS tool to download. And if you want to use EPO in MP, you could apply for AGNSS accout from local FAE by providing Customer Name, Module type and region.
Link to download .


Hi Berton,

Thank you for reply, this is very helpful.

I am just wondering what would be the other factors that would play a role in GPS accuracy other than being in an open space?
For example: do I need to update the firmware of your GPS chip?

Dear Sir,
Generally, different f/w doesn’t matter much in positioning accuracy(L76B can reach 2.5m static accuracy in clear sky what ever the f/w is).
RF design, mounting place, testing scenarios(half-sky, city valley,clear sky) and sometimes interference will lead to large drift in position.
So it’s recommended to check your product performance in clear sky compared to Quectel EVB.