How to update an EM20GRU-512-SGAS?

Hey. Im not used to having an quectel modem or how to use the cmd prompt for them. But as a starter coming from a mifi 8000, i bought this em20 modem for cheap since its was an engineering sample. As im building my own budget antenna using my own enclosure. And I put my sim card in and then i connected it to my computer and it doesn’t connect to the internet. But it shows up t-mobile but the service is coming from a 3rd party called human i-t, but the service manufacturer is provided by mobilecitizen. And I took my sim out of my shxtty Franklin t10 3910 and put it into the modem, which is unlocked and theres no sim lock on my sim card, but it says no internet connection… I realised that this would need to be updated, but how can i update this modem, but also how can i use the cmd prompt for this to work with my type of sim card?

Hi @DeUndefined1
Please give me your email address and I will send the firmware and upgrade tool to you.

I still didnt see get the email.

Can you use AT+QGMR command to check the firmware version currently in use?

No because i dont have the nessacary quectel modem drivers for my computer.

Ill need the quectel modems driver for windows and drivers for the use in conjunction with an openwrt compatible router (linux). Also i need the latest update for this modem.

I have no idea what I’m doing

Hi @DeUndefined1
I have sent you the Linux driver, you can use uname -r to check your kernel version, and then find a similar driver to port. After the driver is migrated, run ls /dev/ttyUSB* to check whether the port is available.
In addition, the current model EM20 has been discontinued, I can’t find the latest firmware, I am still trying to find.

I need drivers for windows 10. Not for Linux.

OK,send you too,pls chk.

My current firmware is SDX24.LE.1.0-00120-NBOOT.NEFS