How to transition to DFOTA on EC25?

Is there a current timeline for when DFOTA / OTA Firmware Updates will be available on the EC25 line? Is an on-site firmware upgrade going to be necessary first, or is there already a minimum firmware that will allow DFOTA to work when it available?

Thank you, Chris

Dear Uberdome,
Our EC25 module already support DFOTA function, you can contact our local FAE to get the delta firmware package firstly, then they will guide you how to test it. Thanks!

How do I find my local FAE? I’m not familiar with the acronym “FAE”.

Please email to to get local support. Thanks!

FAE: Field Application Engineer

Hello. I know what OTA is, but for what does the ‘DF’ stand for in ‘DFOTA’?
Thanks in advance.

Dear Lasalo Babyasz,
Thanks for your inquiry in Quectel forum.
DF stands for delta firmware. Thanks!

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