How to start software development in EC20?

I am newbie and I want to develop firmware for EC20 to read data from UART and send to server using MQTT server. I don’t know where to start and how to start? Which IDE is used? There are no documents available or not any tool?


Please download the related tools and documents from this link:
You can use QCOM to do debug following document first.

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Thanks for the reply @WillieYao-Q,
As I go through the forum, I get to know that there is quecopen SDK is there, and documents for it how to use that? Can you please provide it. Can you please suggest any IDE also and can development can be done on windows or LINUX is required?

Sorry that quecopen SDK cannot be shared here. Please contact sales or local quectel FAE team to sign NDA first.

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Can you please brief me on how that NDA agreement works?