How to start BT development?


I have EC200U-TE-A_v1.2 card containing EC200U-EU chip. And it is mounted on UMTS&LTE EVB_V2.2.

I want to start developing a Bluetooth application using the on-board BT functionality on the EC200U. However, I’m lost, I don’t know where to start.

1- First, which user guide should I start with? and where to find it. is it the EVB or the card board or the EC200U chip. and where to find it. the download zone is not easy to use.

2- is EC2x is similar to EC200U in terms of BT. because I could not find BT documents for EC200U.

3- I tried to power on/off the BT using AT commands from EC2x BT documentation and it is the only commands works. (AT+QBTPWR=0/1)

4- I tried to scan (AT+QBTSCAN) but gave me (+CME ERROR: 58).

so, any help please regarding where to start and where to find these documentations.


Hello, EC200U BT use document download link has been added to the below, please download and use, I hope it will be helpful to you, thank you.