How to set up multiple APNs on a single SIM card via AT commands for the EC200U

Hi everyone!
I’m new to Quectel EC200U and have a question. I hope someone can help me:

I’m trying to set up multiple APNs on a single SIM card using AT commands.
I’ve seen the Quectel_EC200U&EG915U_Series_AT_Commands_Manual_V1.0.pdf, but it only discusses individual AT commands.
I’m struggling to figure out the correct sequence to combine them for setting up multiple APNs. Unfortunately, I’m currently out of ideas.
Could someone please explain how to set up multiple APNs on a single SIM card using AT commands for the EC200U?
Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks in advance!

EC200U does not support multiAPN usbnet datacall.
There is a possible solution.
You could set usbnet datacall and PPP datacall at the same time.
try usbnet with PDP#1 and try PPP with PDP#2.

Hi @Bean.Wang-Q ,

Thank you for your reply!

Following your suggestion, I successfully created PDP1 with usbnet. However, I’m unable to set the PDP type to PPP for PDP2 context.

Here are the AT commands I sent:

AT commands setup PDP1:

  • AT+CGACT=0,1
  • AT+CGDCONT=1,"IP ",“internet”
  • AT+QCFG=“usbnet”,1
  • AT+CGACT=1,1

AT commands setup PDP2:

  • AT+CGACT=0,2
  • AT+CGDCONT=2,"PPP ",“internet”
  • AT+CGACT=1,2

After the setup, I listed the PDP contexts using the following command:



  • +CGDCONT: 1,“IP”,“internet”,“”,0,0
  • +CGDCONT: 2,“IP”,“internet”,“”,0,0

I’m unsure why PDP2 has the PDP type “IP” even though I explicitly set it to “PPP”. Could you please help me with this issue?
Or any wrong with me?
Thank you.

If you would like to set up ppp with PDP#2, You should set the apn for PDP#2 and please notice that you should try
ATD99**# but not the ATD99#

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By default
ATD99# would just try the PDP#1.
99**2# means that you are trying to set up for PDP#2.

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Hello @Bean.Wang-Q ,
I successfully created PPP0 for PDP 2 based on your suggestions. However, how can I activate and obtain an IP address for PDP 1?

Currently, only PDP 2 has an IP address and internet access.

Here’s the image for reference:

  • Red rectangle represents the PPP connection.
  • Green rectangle represents the USB CDC Ethernet connection.

To Set ip for PDP#1,you could try AT command:


and then try udhcpc to get ip for the interface.

busybox udhcpc -i usb0

(busybox udhcpc -i enxxxx)

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Yeah! It is working…
Thank you @Bean.Wang-Q