How to set em12 band priority?

I want to set priority band 3 even if it has a weak signal.

my current setting is 3,1,7,8


my problem is sometimes it uses band 1 as a priority like 1,3,8

I want my band always 3,1,8 or 3,1,7 or at least 1,3,7 (no band 8)

I found

 +QCFG: "lte/bandprior",(1-43),(1-43),(1-43)

I don’t want to mess around with it right now

I tried the “lte/bandprior” command at one stage, and it was unclear to me how effective it was.

Of concern was the fact that having set a priority list, I was unable to remove it. I could change it, but not clear it completely.

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