How to set Access Barring , and special access Barring in USIM of the UE for NB-IOT UE

Hi Team,

when testing Access Barring parameters of SIB14 , i dono how set the Access Barring and special access barring using AT+CLCK . can you please help me here
ab-BarringBitmap-r13 '10000001 01’B,
ab-BarringForExceptionData-r13 true,
ab-BarringForSpecialAC-r13 '00100’B

thanks & Regards,
suresh R

can you please tell me Access Barring only ( 0-9) can you please help me on that ?

Hi Team,

one quick question is that , how to set the Access Barring class ( 517 ) using AT command

2021-04-22 18:34:49:367_S:] AT+CLCK=“AB”,0
[2021-04-22 18:34:49:429_R:] AT+CLCK=“AB”,0AT+CPWD=?
[2021-04-22 18:38:48:289_S:] AT+CPWD=?
[2021-04-22 18:41:43:101_S:] AT+QENG=“servingcell”

this is the error i get . after rebooting the device

2021-04-22 18:52:13:710_R:] OK
[2021-04-22 18:52:28:336_S:] AT+CLCK=“AB”,517
[2021-04-22 18:52:28:414_R:] AT+CLCK=“AB”,517
[2021-04-22 18:52:28:414_R:] ERROR

Hi tamil_ram:
The parameters you configured have gone beyond the range given in the manual. I think our module does not support the parameters you defined by yourself.If the parameter Settings given in the manual work correctly in your module, then your module is currently working correctly, and your custom parameters may be implemented in a later version.

Hi Herbert,

Access barring bitmap is 10 digit value ( 0-9) ( 0000000000 - 1111111111 ) . as the network support access barring ( 10000001 01) corresponds to AC 0 , AC 7 & AC 9 . so if i understand your comment we can only set any one of the value . it can be either ( AC 0 , AC 7 or AC 9) .
Please correct me , if i am wrong in my understanding.

Also for special Access barring it starts with AC 11 - AC 15 .

questions :
1.) does quectel modem support AC from ( 0 - 9 ) .
2.) does quectel support special AC from ( 11-15) .

if it support above , can you please tell the exact command how to set them ?

Thanks & Regards,
suresh R

Hi, tamil_ram:
It’s great to see you delving into “Access Baring,” I wonder where the knowledge you know comes from. I hope you can share with me.The content about “AT+CLCK” in our company’s current products is limited to the content in the screenshot above.