How to send AT command

Hello. I am Ali. I try to write a code that communicate stm32l0 with bg96 via uart. I need to connect stm32l0’s RX and TX to UMTS&LTE-EVB-B_V1.1 dev kit board. to where should I connect RX and TX wires?

this is my board.
I couldnt find schematics of that devkit. It could be usefull too. Can you please help?

Dear Sir,
Thanks for your inquiry in Quectel forum.
If you really want to use this EVB board to connect your MCU via the UART test point in the following position of your board. Thanks!
Please pay attention to that the level should be matched between your MCU UART and module UART. Thanks!

I need to know which one specificly I should use… I tried all of these ports randomly. I need like that information
TTL’s RX wire -> j806 1st port.
Thank you for helping me btw.

I found. Sory :sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

I though Type C cable’s AT port is shortcut with image
this area’s RX and TX. I am trying to send data in 1sec loob via Type C cablo’s AT port and I try te listen which is giving response . I am trying to fix this problem about two day. :joy:

Dear Sir,
How about the test results now ? Have you solve your issue?
By the way, the EVB board you used is apply for Quectel EG06/EG12/EG18 module, not for BG96 module. If you want to use for BG96 module, you should use UMTS&LTE EVB V2.2. Thanks!

The problem was fixed.
J806 4st port -> TTL’s TX
J806 6st port -> TTL’s RX
I didnt know “the EVB board you used is apply for Quectel EG06/EG12/EG18 module”. What is difference? Which situation can be problem for me?

Please note that different EVB board should matched with the right module TE-A board. What i said is that the board you used now is not designed apply for BG96 module, it is designed for our LTE-Advanced module such as EG06/EG12/EG18, because this board can support type-C connection.
And the board which apply for BG96 module is UMTS&LTE EVB V2.2, which just support USB2.0 connection. Thanks!
You should know that different board have different hardware design. So it is better to use the right board with right module. Thanks!

Okey. Thank you :heart: