How to select Transparent Access mode in QNavigator V1.6.9 TCP/UDP page?

I am using Quectel evaluation board with EG25-G modem module. At TCP/UDP page of QNavigator V1.6.9, I couldn’t select Transparent under Access mode. It only has Direct push and Buffer option.

Does anyone know how to select Transparent mode in TCP/UDP page?

Thanks very much for your help.

I checked the qnavigator tool. The GUI interface does not integrate this function. You can check the help, as shown below. You can use the at command to set the transparent transmission mode. The transparent transmission mode is 2. You need to modify it, such as:

Thanks very much for your advice. I will play with the suggested AT cmd sequence.

Do you mind to explain a little bit why Transparent Access Mode is not implemented in QNavigator Tool? Is there any issue for this mode? Our team is debating which mode we should use to transmit data. Some people vote for Transparent Mode and some people vote for others mode, like Buffer and Direct Push. So it would be very helpful if you can provide some suggestion regarding pro & con for each mode.

There is nothing wrong with this transparent transmission mode. I have tested it here and it can be used normally. These three transmission methods all transmit data and can be selected according to the data transmission size. thanks