How to register a EC25 module on the Verizon network (please help)

We have bought a device from a supplier with a Quec tel modem embbeded and Verizon informed us that we need to register the modem in their network. The Quectel modem has already passed the Verizon certification but we can’t get support from Verizon about the individual modem registration process. Who can help us?

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Laurent Rousseau Oceasoft

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Hello Laurent. You can find some valuable information from this Vz website : Per what is stated, the OEM supplier should have filled a database with all IMEIs (btw, it is true in many countries). Hence, it would be interesting to know if Quectel takes this responsibility or if they rely on 3rd Party (e.g. system integrators) to do it: actually, I do have the same need as you right now.

If your module is a EC25-V version (see the label on the module), then Quectel has registred the EMEI at Verizon:
When Quectel achieves Verizon certification, the certification engineer uploads the all IMEI numbers of one TAC of the module to Verizon database.
Then for example if customer buys 1000pcs of this module, it is customer responsibility to declare the range of IMEI on Verizon DB to activate those IMEIs to connect to its network. (Quectel provides the related IMEIS number of shipped modules in electronic format to customer -normally customer only need to input the first and last IMEI number as the shipped modules IMEIs are serial numbers, like 000001-001000).

Thank you Leonardus for the reply. I will contact the OEM manufacturer and ask them to register the EC25-V in the database.

Thank you Fabrice for your help.