How to recieve valid response for QIDNSGIP in bc660K sdk via RIL_Send_AT_cmd handlers?

I am using SDK for bc660k. I want to get the ip of the servers. I do all the DNS settings and the network connection works fine.

But in sdk you can only capture the immediate response from an RIL AT command via its handler.
So, this command responds first with OK.

send at command : AT+QIDNSGIP=0,""
ATResp_DNSGIP_Handler : 

But the actual IPs arrive a bit late, and by that time program is out of the handler.
Earlier in bc66 SDK, this was not the case, cause the handler has returned values so can make the handler continue to wait for the next line.

So how does it work now? I don’t want to handle a response from a RIL AT command via some other urc handler later in the program. I want it to be synchronous with the send command and wait for the correct value or error.

Would that be possible or if I can change the returned types of AT Cmd handlers would that work or is there any other way around it?

EDIT: I have handled this via the onURCHandler method, which was also not present, and added to it. But I’m wondering if there is a better alternative.

Best Regards.

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