How to receive MMS with AT commands (EC25 LTE)

How to receive MMS with AT commands (EC25 LTE)???

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This is about sending an MMS. I asked the question of receiving an MMS

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AT+QMMSEDIT=1,1,“1385612xxxx” //Add the phone number as the recipient.

Based on this configuration parameter (the recipient’s cell phone number), an MMS message edited through AT Command will eventually be received by the recipient’s cell phone,as SMS.

//send MMS message
AT+QMMSEND=100 //send MMS massage
OK //send OK
+QMMSEND: 0,200 //Represents the result of sending an MMS message is successful

Modules send MMS messages to each other, so the module itself will not receive messages, That is to say,there is no AT Command to receive MMS messages.