How to Read Only 2 NMEA Sentences


I am using LC86L for my project, I am able to recieve multiple NMEA Sentences but I only Need two (RMC and VTG) Sentences, I have tried few Commands from Protocol document But none worked for me, Is there any Specific commands to send to receive only these two NMEA Sentences.

Thanks in advance

Dear Sir
The commands for configuring RMC and VTG data are as follows, which requires carriage return and line feed. in addition. You check whether your command check digit is correct. Thanks!


Thank you albert,
I have solved my issue. Is there any parsing logic implemented for parsing the data

Dear Sir
Please refer to section 2.2. Thanks!

Quectel_L76-LB&L26-LB&LC86L_GNSS_Protocol_Specification_V1.1.pdf (552.1 KB)