How to perform OTA usinf DFOTA API in M65

hello guys,
I am working on Quectel M65 module. Can you please help me with these?

1] How to perform FOTA operation using .pack file available inside memory.(Withought using http/ftp)
2] “void Ql_DFOTA_WriteData(const unsigned char *buffer, u32 Length)”
[In] Point to the start address of buffer.
I dont get what this buffer is used for?

Thank you.


  1. Regarding FOTA upgrade, do you use the open method? In the case of open cpu, you may need to write the use case yourself. In the case of open, we only have http/ftp for exampl. For standard, we can send the pack file to the memory of the module and then perform the upgrade

  2. This is the starting address of fota file. In fact, our internal api has been packaged. After you download the file from the http/ftp server, our code will write this file into the system area as an upgrade file