How to perform network scan in 5G NSA mode


The ISPs in India are deploying 5G in SA and NSA modes.

I have Quectel RM510Q-GL-AA module.
As per the documentation, it supports performing network scans in SA mode only.

Is it possible to perform network scans in NSA mode using this module?
OR will support be added in future firmware releases?

Is there any other Quectel 5G module that support this feature?


Dear @ketan.asm
We have AT command to disable SA mode, please refer to it.

I don’t see how this helps with scanning NSA cells? All this does is disable scanning SA cells too and only list LTE.


It may take over a minute for this scan to complete, during which time any data connection will be inoperative.

Hi, snowgum,

I have been advised to use the AT+QSCAN command to perform a network scan, but unfortunately, it works for SA mode only. (As per the docs)


Yes, and that’s why I suggested using AT+COPS=?