How to pair with MC60E Module in Pin Code mode?

Hello guys,
I have made an android application and I want to pair bt mc60e bt devices , but when I try to pair from my phone with module It pairs using SPP pairing mode, but I want to use a pin so my module can accept only the devices a pin code chosen by me ?

thanks in advance guys

You can use AT+QBTCFG=”pair”,<pair_mode> to configure BT Pairing Mode:

Please refer to the following documents for details:

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thanks man it really helps

You are welcome.Hope you all the best. :smile:

and how to set this pin ?
I want to set a pin for my module so only me can pair with it

You can refer to the following at command:

Then you need to enter the same password for the paired device.

I got it now … thank you so much