How to obtain UEMonitor software? [for BC95-G]

I’m trying to use the debug port of BC95-G. In hardware design manual it says I should use UEMonitor software. However I don’t know where to find that. Does anyone know? When I look on the internet for the UEMonitor ‘user guide’, I can find this guide online. But that guide doesn’t tell me where I can find the UEMonitor software itself.

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Download UEMonitor from the link
Before capturing logs, this tool needs license authorization, and you need to provide the corresponding sequence code. I will apply for a license for you, and then this tool can be used normally

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Many thanks! And where do I get the “message definitions” file from? xml/fwpkg? " (For BC95-G)

Please provide your module firmware version

ATI //query module version

ATI command is not recognised/not in the AT commands manual, but CGMR is so I’m using that. Hope that’s ok.

10:47:20.654 -> AT+CGMR
10:47:20.840 -> 

ATI is displayed as the module firmware version and CGMR is displayed as the modem chip version, so ATI information is required.

Ahh now I found the command. I thought the command was AT+ATI but it is in fact just ATI

10:56:57.265 -> ATI
10:56:57.313 -> 
 OK (2.1 MB)

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Great it works, thanks!

You are welcome, please replay your question and grab the Log simultaneously

Hi pan,
I use the BC95GJBR01A07.fwpkg

bug the UEMonitor log shows:
MESSAGE:Invalid Id:ffffffff PayloadBytes:0/0 Time:0:00:00:00.0000000 Seq:0

Headers=Insufficient header bytes to decipher the sequenced message header

Import the .xml file in the folder,try again!

I click “Change Message Definition For Project” and chose the messages.xml, but it also shows:

invalid index 0 at 00:00:00
Insufficient header bytes to decipher the sequenced message header

My UEMonitor version is, do you have any other version? I can try it, thank you.

I’m currently using the same version, and I suggest you uninstall and reinstall it. What problems are you having at the moment?

I have reinstalled it but it also doesn’t work.
I can use the AT command but I can not see the message log.

Invalid index 0 at 00:00:00
As string=xf???f?xf?f.x???.f???`??.???.?
SequenceNumber: 2256955000 (0x86866678)
Timestamp ticks: 2023646968 (0x789E66F8)
Core: 1 Protocol
Class: 1 Custom
Verbosity: 2 Warning
Module: 158 (0x9E)
Id: 1638 (0x666)
PayloadLength Field: 59000 (0xE678)
Payload bytes present: 18 (0x12)
Payload well-formed: 0 False

Please upload your screenshots, I mean, are you having trouble with the current debugging?

I want to do some troubleshooting, so I need to see the raw data from the UE.