How to know if AGPS data was downloaded and used for positioning?

Hi, good time
I am having trouble with positioning using the MC60.
I made a tracker using the MC60 module.
This tracker should be very, very small and made for indoor use. So I can’t use big or even small antenna for gnss part. I have to use a very small and flat passive antenna.
Because of this, I can’t get the gnss signal soon and it takes a long time to fix the gnss signals.
I thought about using AGPS technology, but it was no different than normal.
I really don’t know whether the AGPS data was downloaded from mtk server or not?
And I don’t know if my location information is in mtk server or not?
Is there a way to discover these?
Is it useful to use AGPS for indoor applications?
Is there a better free way to fix my problem?

Thanks in advance

Hi,You can use the “AT+QGEPOF” command to check whether the EPO file is normally downloaded. I have sent you the usage of this command and the operation document of EPO.

In addition, consider whether to use the “AT+QGREFLOC” command to input your reference position information into the module. If the input reference information is significantly different from your actual position, the GNSS positioning will be affected.

In fact, the positioning is closely related to the signal. If your antenna signal is very poor, the module cannot search the satellite, even if EPO is used to assist the positioning, the speed will not be much faster.

Generally, the positioning of our module is about 30-40s in the case of good signal, and about 5S in the case of EPO