HOw to interface External SPI NOR flash to EC200U


We are trying to interface a SPI based External NOR flash memory(MX25U6435F, datasheet attached) to EC200U in openCPU mode. There are two demo examples we have tried. spi6_ext_nor_flash_demo.c and spi_nor_flash_demo.c but none of them worked.

We are getting error like QL_SPI6_EXT_NOR_FLASH_FIND_BLOCK_DEVICE_ERROR when trying to mount FS using ql_spi6_ext_nor_flash_sffs_mount() API in spi6_ext_nor_flash_demo.c and QL_SPI_FLASH_NOT_SUPPORT_ERROR in spi_nor_flash_demo.c

Kindly help us by pointing where the actual mistake is. Attached is the datasheet of NOR flash.
MX25U6435F.pdf (1.4 MB)

First of all, you need to make sure that the hardware connection is correct. The reason for the error is that the block device was not found. You can refer to the following documentation to debug
Quectel_EC200U_Series_QuecOpen_SPI_NOR_Flash_API_Reference_Manual_V1.0.pdf (347.7 KB)

Dear Felix,

Thanks for the clue. We will check on the hardware soldering.


I also faced the same problem while running spi_nor_flash_demo.c program. We are trying to interface w25Q128JW flash memory. I checked, all connections are right. Kindly help us by pointing where the actual mistake is.