How to increase MC60 GPS Accuracy

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Now i am working with MC60 module Open CPU method for vehicle tracking project, i get lat,lon value from GNSS but i get more than 10 meter distace lat and lon value, how can i improve the accuracy of the module
this is my test url

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As you know that the GNSS accuracy depends on the received GNSS satellite signal quality, if the signal is weak, the module have no method to improve the accuracy. So it is better to check the received GNSS satellite signal quality firstly, you can check it from NEMA sentences. Thanks!

Increasing accuracy M60:

  • GLP (GNSS low power) mode is an optimized solution for wearable fitness and tracking devices. It can reduce power consumption by closing high accuracy positioning.
  • In GLP mode, the module can also provide good positioning performance in walking and running
    scenarios, and supports automatic dynamic duty operation switch for balance on performance and power consumption. It will come back to normal mode in difficult environments to keep good accuracy, thus realizing maximum performance with the lowest power consumption.
  • The average current consumption in GLP mode is down to 8.9mA in static scenario, which is only 40% of that in normal mode

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