How to implement websocket for M66 2.0

I’ve read all documents related to M66. But didn’t find anything related to websocket. I need websocket for OCPP application. Please suggest AT commands for websocket connection and communication.

Hi Suman_Kumar:
Could you tell me your specific requirements?
Have you read the documentation for this TCPIP?Does this TCP functionality meet your requirements?

Yes, I’ve read this document. No it doesn’t explain anything about websocket.

I need AT commands for websocket communication.

I don’t quite understand your specific requirements,Could you tell me about that?
For example,if you want to connect to an HTTP server you can use HTTP functionality.

I want to connect M66 module to OCPP 1.6 server, which uses websocket for communication.

example connection url: ws://

Please provide sequence of AT command for communication or any support document regarding how to implement websocket.

Hi Suman_Kumar:
After confirming with our R&D, M66 does not support this feature for the time being.

Thanks for clarification.
Also can you suggest any different module for websocket application.

Maybe our ASR chip-based module can support it. If need more help please contact