How to get the remaining of the EC25 buffer?

If we keep sending QISEND to EC25 with a full buffer, EC25 seems to stop responding and reboot. Is this a known problem?
Also, we would like to know how much buffer is left in EC25 to avoid this. Is there an AT command to find this out?

Dear nash;
You can turn on the flow control function to avoid this situation (use CTS, RTS pins)

Dear Jouni,

We are using USB instead of UART to communicate between the MCU and the EC25. Therefore, we believe that CTS and RTS cannot be used.

Dear Jouni,

We thought that when the buffer of the EC25 is full, the response of the USB layer of the EC25 would be a NYET.

The USB library of the MCU we are using is able to detect when NYET is returned. However, the EC25 does not seem to return NYET even when the buffer is full (the buffer is judged to be full by the QISEND response SEND FAIL).

Commands other than QISEND can be processed even if the buffer is full, is this the reason why EC25 does not return NYET even if the buffer is full?

If so, is there any other way to know that the buffer is full?

Dear Nash
I will contact our software colleagues to help you solve the problem.

Hello nash, thanks for your question
We do not have a command to query the size of the remaining buffer area, and neither the send nor receive buffer can be queried using AT commands. Because this is limited by the network, it is impossible to monitor the size of the remaining buffer in real time, thank you.