How to get started with BG-96 QuecOpen SDK?

Hello Community,

I am a beginner to the Quectel NB-IOT modules.
I wants to use the BG-96 QuecOpen SDK for our product development.
But I am not getting idea that which compiler should I used & how can I set the environment for my project.

I have used Eclipse IDE for Open CPU development of M66, MC-60 & MC-60-E Development board.
But Is BG-96 QuecOpen SDK compatible with Eclipse IDE?

If No, How should I use that SDK for my development?
Please share any reference which help me to understand this concept.

You can use each gcc-arm-none-eabi compiler but the problem is original Qualcomm libraries ( compiled is only for ARM and LLVM )
so you need ARM or LLVM compiler or can use my OpenSource project for PlarformIO+GCC
or you can make own port for Eclipse

support ThreadX for GCC and plus plus …

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All right,
I am even not able to found the proper document that will guide us for the building the G-96 QuecOpen SDK.
Do you have any idea about it?
Will you please guide me how do i am able to set the compiler environment for the G-96 QuecOpen SDK.

First connect to your local Quectel support and ask for SDK and documentations…

OR install PlatformIO - Platform Quectel - there is ThreadX and Arduino for BG96

I’m also interested in BG96 and QuecOpen for some NB-IoT use cases. Could you advise me on how and where could I buy a proper EVB? I guess I need the Quectel LTE Open EVB Kit, any recommended vendor?

Thank you for your help,

Do contact to Quectel FAE in your region.

Thanks, that is what I did. Tinkering with the EVB kit now :slight_smile:



I just found the discussion as I am also trying to integrate functions on a BG96 module.

I have installed PlatformIO and your repository and I can successfully compile the hello world application. Now I have Program.elf and Program.bin files.

What do I need to do to execute this on the module? Copy the bin file into the module?
Compose a new firmware including the file?
Flash a package with the application?

How is this done? I had a look at QFlash but it seems that I need a mbn file or a cfg file to proceed? Is this correct? How can I obtain this file?

It would be great if someone could explain the process how to run an application on the module or point me to the right document where I can find that. Currently I don‘t understand if I need to flash an entire firmware image or if an additional application can be added into the filesystem.

Also I found a hint on your GitHub wiki that said if you brick the device due to an infinite loop in your custom code there are possibilities to completely reflash it. I would also appreciate to know how this is done and which tools and files I need in case this happens to me.

Thanks in advance!

Hi Thomas

My port for PlatformIO work only for BG96 SDK2
firmwares BG96MAR02xxxxx
First connect with your Quectel support and ask all documentation, SDK2, and firmwares for SDK2

PIO port have integrated application uploader (you can use and default Quectel tools)

Read this:

For PIO - create project (select Arduino or ThreadX)
Examples is there:


Hi and thank you for your quick reply. The video was what I was looking for I guess. I think I didn’t know how to work with PlatformIO. I had not found the tab with project make targets before.

Thanks a lot!