How to get started with BG-96 QuecOpen SDK?

Hello Community,

I am a beginner to the Quectel NB-IOT modules.
I wants to use the BG-96 QuecOpen SDK for our product development.
But I am not getting idea that which compiler should I used & how can I set the environment for my project.

I have used Eclipse IDE for Open CPU development of M66, MC-60 & MC-60-E Development board.
But Is BG-96 QuecOpen SDK compatible with Eclipse IDE?

If No, How should I use that SDK for my development?
Please share any reference which help me to understand this concept.

You can use each gcc-arm-none-eabi compiler but the problem is original Qualcomm libraries ( compiled is only for ARM and LLVM )
so you need ARM or LLVM compiler or can use my OpenSource project for PlarformIO+GCC
or you can make own port for Eclipse

support ThreadX for GCC and plus plus …

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All right,
I am even not able to found the proper document that will guide us for the building the G-96 QuecOpen SDK.
Do you have any idea about it?
Will you please guide me how do i am able to set the compiler environment for the G-96 QuecOpen SDK.

First connect to your local Quectel support and ask for SDK and documentations…

OR install PlatformIO - Platform Quectel - there is ThreadX and Arduino for BG96