How to get Quectel Documents

thank you very much.

I’m sorry to tell you that it is not supported, and it is also explained in our hardware manual, which you may have overlooked. An * indicates that the current function is not supported. sim2 is marked with an *

Hello. Need help with modem EC25-EUX.
It’s hard to determine, but problem is that it stops responding to AT commands.
Fw. version:
[2024-02-26 17:52:02:507_S:] AT+CGMR
[2024-02-26 17:52:02:568_R:] AT+CGMR
[2024-02-26 17:52:02:568_R:] EC25EUXGAR08A09M1G
Can u send me this firmware and latest?

if anyone wants to download docs without losing privacy: Many docs can also be found on google