How to get +QIND: “csq” URC in PPP data mode (switched to command mode)?


I’m using the EC25-E / EC200S-EU modules.
The PPP connection was sucessfully established. The CSQ URC is enabled.
The module is using RI to indicate incoming URC in data mode. Than switch to command mode with the DTR.

The RI perodically indicating pending URCs, but never got any if switched from data mode.
URCs working before PPP negotiation.

I tried to delay the URC indication output, without luck.
I tried to enable the URC cache, no difference.

What should I do?


You can refer to the documentation to set up urc reporting
Quectel_EC2x&EG9x&EG2x-G&EM05_Series_AT_Commands_Manual_V2.0.pdf (1.7 MB)