How to get cellid in EG912Y

Have a query related to get cell-id information for EG912Y.

In existing products, with modules M95, to get estimated location calculation of device,
By using five parameters: MCC, MNC, LAC, CellID, BSIC (Recv Quality), DBM (Recv Level),
Which get by below AT commands:

Now, have switched module to EG912Y,
Upon executing above commands get below response:
Request: AT+QENG=“servingcell”
Response: +QENG: “servingcell”,“SEARCH”
Request: AT+QENG=“neighbourcell”
Response: +QENG: “neighbourcell inter”,“LTE”,39294,4,-83,-16,-,-,0,0,0,0
+QENG: “neighbourcell inter”,“LTE”,340,4,-87,-14,-,-,0,0,0,0
+QENG: “neighbourcell intra”,“LTE”,1559,5,-104,-20,-,-,0,0,0,6,0

In that, no luck to get above require five parameters, which is necessary to get location info.
Please guide us to get require parameters info.

Currently your device can not registered to the network. If it has been successfully registered, you can query “Cellid” with the following command:



Thanks Herbert,

Device got success to network register and also got Cell-ID parameter.

And for rest parameters, guide in case possibility to get:
MCC, MNC, LAC, BSIC (Recv Quality), DBM (Recv Level).

If your device is currently registered on a LTE network, you will not be able to get the GSM-specific parameter “BAIC”. In LTE, the corresponding parameter is RSRP.

Thanks Herbert,

Device currently registered on LTE Cay 1 Network,
but not able to get those parameters, even after minutes of retry also,
Request: AT+QENG=“servingcell”
Response: +QENG: “servingcell”,“SEARCH”

[2021-06-22_17:35:39:123]+CEREG: 0
[2021-06-22_17:35:49:513]+CEREG: 2,0
[2021-06-22_17:36:28:198]+QENG: “servingcell”,“SEARCH”

[2021-06-22_17:36:40:438]+CPIN: READY
[2021-06-22_17:36:40:438]+QUSIM: 1
[2021-06-22_17:36:41:138]+CEREG: 1,“550B”,“F2D4A40”,7
[2021-06-22_17:36:42:599]+QIND: SMS DONE
[2021-06-22_17:36:47:792]+QIND: PB DONE
[2021-06-22_17:37:02:324]+QENG: “servingcell”,“NOCONN”,“LTE”,“TDD”,460,00,F2D4A40,204,38950,40,5,5,550B,-102,-8,-92,21,23

[2021-06-22_17:43:25:942]+COPS: 0,0,“CHINA MOBILE”,7

You can check the results of normal network access and non-network access in my test.I suspect your device is having problems with the registered network.You can check it out with the following command:


Thanks @herbert.pan-Q,

Get result as:

  • Request:
  • Response:
    +COPS: 0,0,"Verizon ",8

But parameters require for Cellular Calculation is not available here,
Our Cloud team use Google geolocation APIs,
as per API requirement, require below parameters to calculate location:

  1. Serving Cell below parameters:
    Parameter: 1: MCC,
    Parameter: 2: MNC
    Parameter: 3: Carrier-Name.
  2. Neighbour Cell parameters:
    2.1 GSM (2G):
    Parameter: 1: MCC
    Parameter: 2: MNC
    Parameter: 3: 16-bit Cell ID (CID)
    Parameter: 4: LAC
    Parameter: 5: Signal-Strength
    Parameter: 6: TA (Timing-Advance).
    2.2 CDMA (2G):
    Parameter: 1: SID
    Parameter: 2: 16-bit Base Station ID (BID)
    Parameter: 3: NID
    Parameter: 4: Signal-Strength
    Parameter: 5: TA (Timing-Advance).
    2.3 WCDMA (3G):
    Parameter: 1: MCC
    Parameter: 2: MNC
    Parameter: 3: UTRAN/GERAN Cell Identity (UC-ID), which is a 28-bit integer value concatenating the 12-bit Radio Network Controller Identifier (RNC-ID) and 16-bit Cell ID (CID).
    Formula: rnc_id << 16 | cid
    Parameter: 4: LAC
    Parameter: 5: Signal-Strength
    Parameter: 6: TA (Timing-Advance).
    2.4 LTE:
    Parameter: 1: MCC
    Parameter: 2: MNC
    Parameter: 3: E-UTRAN Cell Identity (ECI), which is a 28-bit integer value concatenating the 20-bit E-UTRAN Node B Identifier (eNBId) and the 8-bit Cell ID (CID).
    Parameter: 4: TAC
    Parameter: 5: Signal-Strength
    Parameter: 6: TA (Timing-Advance).

According to the information you provided, you plan to use ECI, MCC, MNC, ENBID, TAC, Signal-Strength and TA to calculate the location of your device, but the deviation of the result of such calculation is very large;Because the signal-strength obtained by the device is fluctuant, TA may be fluctuant as well;If you really need these parameters, you can grab the modem’s log information and parse and get it.

The tool download link is below:
The port in the tool selects the DM port in your Device Manager
If you need to parse the log and get the above parameters, you can upload the log or send it to my email!