How to establish WEBSOCKET connection in EC200T?

I want to establish Websocket connection in EC200T and I have read TCP/IP application thouroughly but I have’nt got anything related to it so please help me in this regard.

Hi Sushant_Verma, thanks for your reply
After communicating with related colleagues, EC200T standard module does not support websocket connection, you can consider other connection methods, such as HTTP protocol and MQTT protocol.

So any module of Quectel supports Websocket connection? if yes then please help me out.

Hello Sushant_Verma
After consulting, some modules of Quectel support Websocket function, but these modules are only used in some parts of Asia and are not suitable for other regions. If you strongly need this function, you can send your requirement description to , We will contact you and conduct development evaluation, thank you.

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Yes I strongly need this function and surely I will send my requirements to the mentioned email given by you…